Our House 






 The Romieu family, wine-growers for five generations, welcome you in their traditional farmhouse of Provence, in the middle of grapevines, ensuring calmness and relaxation.

You will be able to admire its vineyard bathed in sun as well as smell the early dew.


Fountain (1815)  

 You will appreciate the fortified building of the 17th century, the whisper of the fountain of 1815, the song of cicadas in the four bicentennial plane trees, the magnificent view on the Mont Ventoux as well as the Dentelles de Montmirail.

Very cold water, not possible to swim in the basin.

About some good wine, you will be savouring it in the superb wine-cellar "La Romaine", at Vaison, 4 kilometers away from our rentings.
Grappes de raisins


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